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Our Story


My Little Bow Peep Boutique was a dream of mine since I was a little girl, loving all things girlie!  Growing up in a home and neighborhood full of boys and an older, married sister I learned that I also loved fishing and baseball with the boys!  Fast forward many decades later, I love that my childhood prepared me for the

little boy who made me a MOM ... boy can he FISH!


Loving my life as a mom to a vivacious seven-year-old boy, you can imagine my shock when I learned I was expecting TWINS!  Being the multitasker, planner, and list-maker I am, I couldn't take the anticipation of all the unknowns.  After all, there were rooms to paint, cribs to buy, bedding to coordinate and everything around me seemed to be so yellow and neutral, it was all so exhilarating yet overwhelming!  I could not wait any longer, I learned at my 34-week ultrasound the babies were huge, healthy and GIRLS ... and so the story begins!


The dream of My Little Bow Peeps Boutique became a reality in 2005 with the beautiful delivery of 39-week twin girls.  I had spent the past five weeks preparing for their arrival which included an extensive wardrobe with big sparkly bows and everything imaginable that was PINK and PURPLE!  I searched high and low for matching boutique pieces and accessories but quickly learned that I enjoyed hand making my own designs for the girls

and loved giving them as gifts even more.


With every gift given, I quickly became blessed with a full-time, stay-at-home-mom business!


My love of life and all things girlie has been passed on to all of my children who along with my amazing retired USAF Colonel husband inspire me to do what I love, with and for those I love, every day!


Home-grown from the love of a hobby, My Little Bow Peeps Boutique is now a family owned and operated business that specializes in making any holiday, special occasion or milestone memorable for those who entrust

us to design something extra special for their life's celebrations - All across the world!

* 2020 UPDATE *

coming very soon! 


We Thank you for being here and God's blessings!

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